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15 YEARS “…BABY ONE MORE TIME” (September 30, 1998)

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Sleeping Beauty Animation 

I have just been sitting and staring at this for the longest time. I mean, LOOK AT IT. Look how outstanding this animation is. All by hand. The way her hair moves, the way the lines in that skirt move, everything is perfect. It’s hypnotizing.

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Tour Eiffel | by Violet Kashi [via/more]


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The Fox - By: (Daniel Groszek)

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Artist by Carlos Vila

Have you ever seen a painting of an elephant? Probably. What about a picture of an elephant painting a painting of an elephant? No? Well meet Suda who lives in Maetaeng Elephant Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The park was created to provide a unique and safe environment where all elephants are treated well and are free of harm from poachers. In the early years, Suda along with other elephants would paint abstract brush strokes on paper, and slowly over time, they learned to produce two and three dimensional art. They have an incredible ability to trace back over their original brush stroke. Elephants have a keen memory and show that here by being able to repeat the same paintings and techniques.

Caption Source | Meet the Elephants |  Park Website

The sad thing is that this elephant can paint better than I can….

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